My father Donald Lindenbusch, fresh out of the Air Force, started preparing income tax returns in St. Louis in the late 1950’s. Lindenbusch’s have been continuously preparing income tax returns for over half the time that the 16th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was initiated in 1913. Being a country boy, he moved to a farm in Centertown in August 1963. He prepared his first return of his burgeoning (part-time) accounting and tax practice on January 11, 1964. Our firm continued preparing that taxpayers return until she passed away well over four decades later.

Photo of the parking area.Dedra and I operate the business that my dad nourished and built over three decades of his life. In May 2011, it will be ten years since he passed away. The old axiom, “the only certainty in life is death and taxes” is very true. In 1981 I entered college. Initially I paid for college using sawmill dollars. In December 1987, using tax preparation dollars, I finally earned a degree in Accounting from Central Missouri State University.

Photo of the lower entrance.The value of hard work and perseverance I inherited from mom and dad. Those same qualities I fortunately found in a spouse. I won the “wife lottery” in 1991 when I married Dedra Peck. Coincidently she learned how to prepare taxes from the same man who taught me. As dad was exiting the business Dedra was entering. She inherited her accounting and business acumen from her parents and grandfather. Her computer skills and accounting software knowledge was self-taught. In 2009 Dedra passed the E.A. (Enrolled Agents) exam on her first attempt. This exam qualifies her as a professional in the area of taxation by the Internal Revenue Service and her peers. Over the last dozen years Dedra has attended tax, computer, and accounting classes at nearly 3 times the rate that her new license requires.

Our firm used “home offices” before they were in vogue. Like my dad, I am a country boy at heart. Our decision to remain small and operate in the country is a good fit for Dedra and I. We can raise our daughters in the serenity and calmness not found in cities. We invite you into our home so that we may help you with your accounting, payroll, and tax needs. We hope you find our environment as peaceful as we do. With the blessings of God, we’ll be right here for a long time to come.

Barry Lindenbusch