Some Services we Provide

Income Tax Preparation:

Individual (Federal and State)           1040
Partnerships                                         1065
Corporate                                             1120
S-Corporate                                          1120S

E-filing is included at no charge

Customer smoking area.Accounting Services:

Double entry accounting with an emphasis in QuickBooks. Entering data from source documents into computer software enabling the preparation of statements and/or tax returns either on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

Preparation of unaudited financial statements and disclosures.

Payroll Services:

Writing payroll checks for companies with bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll.

Preparation of Payroll Reports:
Forms 941/943/944/940
Forms W-2’s and W-3
State Forms including State Unemployment Returns


Starting Companies: acquire ID numbers and other organizing duties.

Existing Companies: guiding them through improved operations. We can give a perspective that is both professional and objective. We want to see you succeed.

Second Opinions: review of existing return(s) to set one’s mind at ease, or if changes are needed we can amend.

Teach, Tutor and Educate: we can help people learn to use QuickBooks and understand basic accounting principals. We understand budgets for professional tax and accounting fees are not unlimited.

Financial Guidance: in the area of budgeting for retirement, education, etc.

Year-end Tax Planning and Estimating: reviewing tax burdens both current and future.